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I: You should have got them on your side (Warren laughs). Oh, ok, I do have one more question (Warren laughs), because I have a friend that likes you guys and I asked her, you know, I think I'm going to be able to interview them is there anything you want me to ask. And she kind of joked with me and said that she didn't really know. So it's a really dumb question, she said it as a joke, but then she said "No really, I want you to ask Warren 'What's your favorite tree?'"
W: Tree?

I: Yeah. You know, it's dumb.
W: I don't really have a favorite tree. I've been known to climb trees, not very often, but, you know, it happens. And um…so those are good, ones with branches and whatever, and uh, I don't really, I'm not into that kind of-couldn't tell you want kind of tree is what. We did a, we played in Florida recently and we stayed in a hotel called the Banyun Tree. And they had a Banyun Tree, which I had never heard of, never seen in my life, I didn't know what it was. But it was supercool, and uh, not that I really care about trees, but, it was um, you know the branches grow and they grow back into the ground, so it turns into this giant thing…and uh, and it's called a Banyun tree. And they (Warren now laughs a lot). Yeah. Those are good.

I: It didn't seem to be so stupid, since the set had a kind of nature theme.
W: There's a little bit of a nature theme in some of the songs and stuff like that.

I: But I mean like the set too, like the Bear
W: Bear, yeah!

I: And the bushes
W: Most nights we dedicate a song to all the animals in nature, forgot tonight. Tonight was one of those bad vibes, you know. Usually it's a good vibe, usually we're having a good time, and we're trying, but tonight it just…

I: I caught you guys on the bad night
W: Didn't seem like anyone else in the band was having a bad night, but it was kind of

I: Just you?
W: (all laugh) I felt bad that I was wrecking the show for everybody, but there was nothing I could do.

I: That's the show, once it starts
W: you know, it's just one of those things

I: I don't think it came across
W: (laughs) I thought it did (laughs)

I: Maybe only when you said "Hey" (which Warren said in a monotone voice), you said "hey" a couple of times, and nothing else
W: The audience is supposed to say "hey" back, it's like call and response. But it's funny, in some cities you say "hey" and the audience goes "hey!", and then in some cities they just go "what?" (laughs) "What's he doing? Entertain me" (pause) I couldn't possibly say anything else.

I: Yeah, ok, I figured
W: But see this is good, because the Red House Painters play sort of a long set. And each day we sort of go "What are we going to do?". I mean, we've watched them, you know, some nights. But after awhile, you can't see a band three hours a night, every night for three weeks so, um, this is good. Probably the longest interview I've ever done (laughs)

I: And mostly about non-His Name Is Alive stuff too
W: Which is good.

So then, after about an hour, the interview was over. I thanked Warren and then we, my girlfriend and I, went on our merry way. If you haven't had enough HNIA, then you can check out the brief (due to space constraints) show review by going here.

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