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I: I know, it's like
W: I don't believe it. I just sound so…I mean no-one has asked this much about it, I've never gone into this much detail regarding it, you know. With Time Stereo we've done some interviews and it, we do a lot of stuff through mail order, there's distributors in South America, and Japan, and England and stuff like that, Time Stereo does pretty well, it's not like a giant label or whatever, another thing is, it's done on a very small, limited basis, so, you know, whatever, but…it sure sounds great.

I: I can't believe no-one ever asks you about the side stuff though.
W: Well they, most interviewers are like, totally, they're like boneheads; Like I read an interview today, we were home…we played in Cleveland last night, so we stopped at home whatever, and there's a big stack you know of articles, reviews and stuff there, and I was reading one, and it's just, it's the typical article, where it says my name is William DeFever, repeatedly refers to the album as Stars on 45, and um, says it, the biggest part was that it said "it (the album) lacks variety". (all laugh) But that's the typical writer though it's just, you know, someone who can't keep track of what's going on, doesn't even understand the information that's given to them.

I: Where they just read the press kit and wrote the review
W: Right… and they didn't even quite get that right (laughs). Unfortunately that is the average writer. Nothing against you and your cause (laughs)

I: No, I'm not - I'm just the music editor, I just make sure everybody else does everything. We don't really take it too seriously, it's college. We just sort of get money for it, come to school, and put covers on it that are offensive and get letters.
W: (laughs) that's a good way to go.

Fan comes over to Warren: This is a long interview
W: I've got a lot to say.
Fan: I just want to shake your hand. I've got some Michigan roots myself
W: All right
Fan: I'm from Detroit so…
W: Cool
Fan: Good talking to you. (leaves)
W: Thank you.

I: Anything else stupid to say?
W: Um, I thought that the set tonight was really bad (laughs), there were some people that work here that were giving me a really hard time (laughs) right before we played, it's just a bad thing to do (all laugh). The Red House Painters kind of screwed some stuff, screwed some stuff up for us (laughs), it's just kind of been a bad scene all day (laughs), so I apologize to all of Canada (laughs). So I feel a lot better now.

I: Can you say what they did? Did they try to force you off the road or something?
W: No, um…normally they're supposed to be here at like four or five, be done soundchecking by six, like we have an hour, hour and a half to soundcheck. Technically it's a co-headlining bill, you know equal this, equal that…they do three and a half hour shows, we do thirty minute shows, at least we can get a decent soundcheck, you know. What happens every night is they get here super late, even if we, we are here on time, they're late and, um, nothing against them, I'm sure they're trying really hard, whatever their problem is, you know, it's all right. But what happens is, by the time we get to do a soundcheck, everyone in the club is in a giant hurry. You know, the soundman's got 20 minutes to get all the microphones set up, people are pressuring him "you gotta finish soundcheck, you gotta get the doors open" and all of that. So like, we don't really get a proper soundcheck, we don't get a good vibe from how the stage is set, we don't really-it's like a giant rush and then they go "Ok then you're going to play at 10:15 or 10:20" at ten o'clock the guy's yelling at me "You guys were supposed to playing five minutes ago" and I'm like "No" and blah blah blah, and then the lighting guy's going "You know the manager said if you guys aren't playing in five minutes" and I'm like "Why me, what did I do?". "Where's the rest of the band?", I'm like "They're not even here, don't yell at me." But um, usually Trey (Many, HNIA's drummer) handles all of those people that I just kind of, you know, stay away from because it's, you know that's part of the deal where we're trying to play places that are a little more friendly and stuff like that, and they're basically pushing us out on stage and we're like, you know we don't mind playing, just tell us when to play and stick to one story and then, you know, don't threaten us.

I: You're not going to regret this when it gets published
W: No that's fine.

I: I don't want there to be some big feud (Warren laughs) out on the road. Like, you two fight, or are attacking each other during one another's sets.
W: I mean, Mark's good, he says a lot of funny stuff. Like a couple nights ago, see, whatever, but, um, we're in Philadelphia and we play and the audience is just horrible, all right? It was like a big beer drinking crowd and they didn't seem to know His Name Is Alive or Red House Painters as far as I could tell and it's just like "What are we doing here?" and it's like a total corner bar, you like where all the old men go, except it was the young guys, and uh, Mark, after the show, you know, we go back in the dressing room, he's like "What's it like out there?". I'm like, "It kinda sucked, they're totally stupid, it's the worst audience in the world." So he goes out there and he goes "Man, Warren just told me you guys are kind of retarded." (all laugh) So, that's great, we're working together (Warren laughs).

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