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W: And that's one of the things that's available through Time Stereo

I: Is it really?
W: It's on a video, and like…Time Stereo is a quality label, right? You get UFO Doctor (laughs)

Label Guy: Slow Poke in 12 is a better album than Metal Machine Music (then he walks away)
W: (to us) That's the Princess Dragon Mom Cd that comes with a free piece of corn
I: Oh ok.
W: It's really called Slow Poke in 12. But… sticker on the front… We…it's too long of a story, but it's not called Slow Poke in 12. Insignificant is the name of the label, and it's their 12th release. "IN 12" is the catalog number (laughs). Anyway, you get UFO Doctor, you get a video on there called "Wrestle Time" (laughs). Basically we built a giant wrestling ring (laugh) in a club, guys wore masks and wrestled (laughs), and there's a bunch of noise (all laugh).

I: This would be another Princess Dragon Mom product.
W: Yeah. In-between the two is a short film that I made…it's really horrible, called "The Whale That Became A Star" (laughs). It all sounds unbelievable, but it's true, it's true (laughs). And basically I found a movie, you know, 8mm, Super 8 movie called "The Whale Became A Star" (laughs) and added a bunch of footage that I had shot (laughs). It comes with a thing that describes what the film is about, in case you're watching of course and you have no idea, it's about a whale that gets captured, taken to Sea World, and dreams of escaping back home to Michigan (all laugh).

I: The escaping part is the part you added, I'm guessing
W: Yeah, (laughs) and that's seen through the Whale's eyes (all laugh).

I: Is it all on one tape or a bunch of different tapes?
W: No that's one tape.

I: Oh geez. See I'm thinking that that would be really popular-
W: It is! I mean like Time Stereo's a small label and we do things in limited quantities and we tend to do everything by hand, like all our covers and everything, and I mean that's…that's a popular item (laughs). Certain tapes are…one of the things that's an unpopular item is butter incense (all laugh). It's incense, and you burn it, it smells like butter (all laugh some more).

I: Do you actually make this?
W: Yeah… and nobody likes it. (all laugh)

I: Do you like it?
W: I love it! Um, basically, Davin works at a record store and they sell incense. And there's these guys come in that make incense, and they sell it, right? And there's all the popular flavors and whatever and it's a popular item and we were, like, you know "can you make a flavor?", and they're like "yeah!", and we're like "butter. Can you make butter incense? We'll sell them, you know? You manufacture them and we'll sell them." And they're like…they, you know there's some communication problems, right? And (laughs) it seems like, you know, they have, their flavors aren't like named after, you know, "rose" or whatever, they have, like, mystical er, philosophical titles like "money" or just you know "good vibrations", stuff like that. So we ask for a specific scent, butter (laughs), they think we're trying to capture the essence of butter (all laugh); And it took awhile, and they got it down really good, smells just like butter; but like, you'd be surprised how many people just don't want to be smelling butter, and like, those are for sale through the catalog and it's not a popular-a lot of times we give them away if you order a lot of stuff. So what we're working on, we know this one is going to be…BIG…breakfast incense (all laugh). We're talking to them and they've got part of it down, it supposed to taste like toast and coffee…you know you burn it, and it reminds you of breakfast. And um, they've got the toast down, but the coffee they don't, so we're thinking maybe two separate ones.

I: You can buy them as a set, maybe
W: Yeah

I: Yeah
W: Or maybe mixed in, 'cause you get, you know, a bunch in a pack.

I: That way, if you don't have time to eat breakfast, you just burn it in your car
W: Or at work, you know, when you get to work.(all laugh) Or sometimes you get home really late from a show, so you're like "I gotta eat something" but you're like "If I eat something right now it's too late and blah blah blah, I'll just burn some breakfast incense before I go to bed".

I: And if you run out of coffee you can trick your body
W: Yeah without actually you know getting the caffeine and the sugar and all that (all laugh). I know this sounds unbelievable but it's all true.

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