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W: Yeah we've got a lot of stuff, it's amazing, just fancy. It's the fanciest stuff you'll ever see (laughs)

I: Yeah
W: It's like stuff in the future (both laugh). I got this good thing recently, it's a Dictaphone, and it's got a microphone and you hold it up to stuff and it cuts into flexi-discs, and it's like from the 50's and it sounds like a 78, like the worst sounding thing ever. Um, and we figured out that you can cut into anything that's round and that fits on the thing, so we cut into like margarine dish lids, cut photos into a circle and then you play them back and they're just like, it's horrible

I: Right (both laugh)
W: That's some fancy gear for you (laughs)

I: Horrible by your standards or horrible by conventional or traditional standards?
W: Yeah by traditional standards; you know, I think it's amazing. Picture singing into a microphone and it, then…you have a margarine dish lid you can play on a record player (both laugh)

I: It's also like the cereal boxes
W: Yeah it's exactly the same thing we cut into cereal boxes. We cut into, um…see one of the things…once we got that down we were cutting into everything we could think of, we thought "Why don't we put out a record where you can't play the record but you can play the sleeve?" (both laugh). Because we put out a couple of unplayable records, and (laughs), and there's a couple of unplayable Cd's too, but, um, wouldn't that be great? And then it's just sort of like "nah it's just too stupid", it's more like a joke.

I: You could have a promotional item though, be like a tub of margarine
W: Yeah

I: And play it
W: Yeah

I: That's seems like a
W: Yeah. Yeah, see that's good. When that, when you're doing that kind of thing you get 4AD to fund it

I: Yeah
W: Because, like, I'm not at liberty to say how many hundreds of dollars they paid us to build a whale costume for a video (both laugh). That's our little secret.

I: Yeah. Has MTV ever played that?
W: No. No, I don't even think they got it. See we've made videos before, we used these people from England called The Brothers Quay and they're like famous English filmmakers

I: Right, the, uh, The Institute Benjamita, I think they just made.
W: Yeah, yeah…they're amazing, they're incredible, they made two videos for us, both got shown on MTV a few times and in Canada they get played regularly because over here it's like kind of weird…um…and they've been really busy because they've been working on a full-length feature film, it's really great and everybody loves it, so they're all busy and stuff, so we're like "well"…you know we never did a video before, we don't care about that stuff. So we're like ok yeah, I told them (4AD) I want to do a video, and they're like "Well, what're you going to do?", and I'm like "I'll make you a deal: I'll do it, I'll pay for it, and if you like it, you guys can fund it, if not, you know, it's fine. I just want…I've got some ideas" (laughs) It turned out really good. I don't think 4AD really liked it (both laugh), I don't think they were going for it. But it had, it starts off with a whale singing the song, "Universal Frequencies", and then there's all of us in a spaceship, and then we're playing it; and then (laughs), then there's kind of an erotic part where there's puppets (laughs), it's kind of hard to explain… but I think that's why it would never get played (both laugh)

I: See, to me that seems like all the reasons why it should be played (as Warren continues to laugh)
W: Right, there's kind of an erotic puppet sequence (laughs), where, you know…

I: That's better than smoke bombs, or lots of lights, leather pants
W: None of that. Then there's a part where the spaceship kind of blows up and, like, we're on fire (both laugh).

I: Where did you film this? Is this at your house or…?
W: At like a place in Michigan, at a studio thing, and like we built all the sets…it's amazing (laughs). Trying to think of some of the other dumb stuff we do. We did a show called "UFO Doctor", which Princess Dragon Mom presents, "UFO Doctor" and um…

Label Guy (who happens to be wandering past): Yeah thanks for the video by the way
W: This man has seen the video

Label Guy: I've scared the hell out of a lot of friends with that video
W: Basically, people got there, they were handed a program, the program said, you know, "We've discovered a body of an alien in the Detroit River and um, he's still alive (laughs) and we're trying to resuscitate it." (laughs) So there's all these guys in doctor suits, like, you know, like in surgery, right? (to Label Guy)

Label Guy: Surgery, there's a lot of noise going on

Warren: Yeah there's noise, it's like noise…UFO autopsy… and um, instead of trying to resuscitate him. they bust him open (all laugh), and there's like stuff flying out…it's like a giant mess.

Label Guy: Sorry to interrupt (talks with Warren)

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