warren defever 12/96 h.n.i.a

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I: How many of your side projects are actual, how many are one time things and how many are kind of continuing, or is it hard to say?
W: It's really hard to say because, like, we did the ESP Family and it was just like one night and we're like "well that was fun". Like a year after that I put out the tape, you know, on Time Stereo. Then …tape is, people started asking us to do shows. So we start doing shows and, there's like a regular band, there's me, a guy named Matt Smith plays in Outrageous Cherry and the Bowlfiends, I don't know if you've heard of them, and Melissa, who I've done stuff with in His Name Is Alive before, played drums, and it was like a regular band and we played for awhile and then a guy approached us about putting out a 45 and we're like "yeah cool" and then we put two songs from the tape and then two new songs on there. And then, we kept doing shows and a guy asked us to do a Cd and we're like "ok cool," so there's a Cd coming out, but then, we decided we weren't going to play anymore, so that's the end of that. But so for awhile it was kind of happening, and then, you know…so different stuff sort of comes and goes. There's a new band, the last of the ESP thing, called the ESP's (laughs). Which is just sort of the end of that, and it's sort of like rhythm and blues and kind of gospel. And that's like a set band, we played, we played like in DC, there's a Ep of that coming out through a label called Generator in Minneapolis.

I: ESP stuff, is that all tied to the ESP label?
W: No I, somebody said that and…not that I can tell you what it is tied to

I: Right
W: It was more like there was one summer, where it was the only thing I could think about. It's was like the label's in there, but the label, I mean that stands for Esperanto, you know the universal language that never quite…

I: Right
W: And I was excited by that, and then just, I was really into acronyms like UFO, BBC, CIA and all that, and then I was like, that was great, and then Chad, the bass player for His Name Is Alive, started giving me these books, right, you know ESP and stuff like that, then he started giving ones, I got like three of them: ESP for your pets, read your pets' minds (both laugh) … and that just, you know, that was, that pushed me over the edge (laughs)

I: Then you just had to name…
W: Every song title had "ESP" in it, every new band's…whatever.

I: Did you try, you know, to…
W: I don't have any pets, but it was something I was really into and then, never really took the time

I: Right.
W: I'm trying to think of the dumbest stuff I can tell you. I think, you know, the Haunted Tube and the

I: the Haunted Tube was (laughs)
W: I had a dream about (both laugh) I was in an Amish community, I met an Amish girl, we got married, it was beautiful. Traditional Amish wedding. I moved into her parents' house. (laughs) The night of our honeymoon, they stole all my clothes, gave me Amish clothes and it went on for, it was like the longest dream ever, and I work in the fields, and I live an Amish life. And yet, to me that's kind of like, that's what I want to do.

I: Eventually, when you're done recording?
W: Yeah. That's my dream

I: That's your dream?
W: And it was a dream too, so it's (laughs)

I: So it kind of works together. I'd ask you tech questions but I don't think-
W: Tech?

I: You know, like…
W: I wouldn't know

I: Yeah (Warren laughs) that's what I figured
W: Hi-tech.

I: Yeah.
W: Like your recorder here (the handheld one I'm using for the interview) and stuff

I: Yeah

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