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W: There's recordings we did in the woods, we're like "oh"- we used to go to the park all the time right-like "hey why don't, how come we don't record in here," right? We recorded some stuff and it just, sounded stupid. There's an album of ours called King of Sweet, it's kind of like a bootleg, it's a limited edition of 2000…I took the picture on the front, Davin, standing there, Davin took a picture of me on the inside standing there…and um, it's got a little bit of us recording out in the woods on it, like, ten seconds. That's all that made it.(laughs)

I: The good ten seconds?
W: Yeah, out of like the four hours of stuff. And like, there's a song on the album called "Wall of Speed," and it's not that good (laughs) but that's from, I was in Canada, my parents had a cabin, a house, in Canada I went there for like a week and a half, just helping out whatever, and each night I'd record for a couple hours and I'd record you know, like…I don't know how many hours worth of stuff…and some of it was good, some of it was kind of bad…notice there's only three minutes of that and just…

I: Do you take the stuff that doesn't work out and kind of incorporate it somehow into other stuff, like I don't know…backwards or in other projects
W: Sometimes you find it later, you know, like recently I went through a bunch of four track stuff from like high school…and I realized that totally sped up, you know like the wrong speed and so it sounds really fast-

I: Right
W: -sounded really good…you know whatever it was meant to be was stupid but, you know this way, it sounded kind of like…I don't know, what it sounds like, but it sounded good

I: The Chipmunks?
W: Nah, because it was like this really weird sound slowed down to begin with so it was more, kind of like, kind of like… fast-ambient (laughs)

I: So that might surface at some point?
W: Yeah…there's actually a 12" single out called Control Panel, which is like kind of like drum n' bass, kind of jungle stuff, I don't know, don't know if you know what that is, there's a Cd of that coming out as well

I: On Time Stereo or?
W: On a label in New York. The label that put out the 12" is called Insignificant out of San Francisco.

I: Oh.
W: They also put out a Princess Dragon Mom Cd that came with a free piece of corn. (both laugh)

I: (mock pseudo-intellectual) But what did the corn mean, (Warren laughs) what's the symbolism?
W: Just being friendly. I mean picture you're in a store, and there's a Cd and it comes with a free piece of corn.

I: I saw a 7" once that came with a free dead bug, like a squashed cockroach.
W: Do you know what band it was, was it called Mag?

I: I think it might have been
W: Was it like a little file folder?

I: I can't remember. I don't think it was a file folder, I think it was, like a little fake- it might have actually been Melt Banana, I think.
W: There's a band called Mag from Michigan, that I recorded some stuff of theirs, and they put out a 45 that came with a bug, a cricket.

I: Actually it might be them, I remember the 45.
W: It's a good 45

I: Is it? Should I put it down?
W: Same one

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