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W: And I couldn't even give you the address, but, um…

I: Plus I know a lot of bands coming to Canada can't, or won't bring a lot of stuff over…
W: right. We kind of ran out.

I: What's interesting about coming to Canada is, it's kind of completely different, yet not that different
W: Taco Bell has french fries

I: What?
W: If you go to Taco Bell, they have french fries. They have french fries, cheese fries, and fries deluxe. (laughs)

I: I read something where you said that an interesting His Name Is Alive song is a song where at the end you can't remember the beginning.
W: Well, I don't mean that's some sort of general policy

I: Right, but that's
W: That's my problem

I: Whatever happens
W: Well not really, um…kind of

I: Kind of?
W: There's a lot of bad stuff out there, that's people screwing around…and I want nothing to do with that…but we're just screwing around, and you kind of go with it but if it's going bad you just go "hey," you know

I: Organized screwing around
W: There's all kinds of guys that put out like everything they've ever done and, you know, that's bad too.

I: When you record in the house how do you set things up?
W: It's gone through different changes throughout the years, you know, I've bought the house from my parents now and I've got…bands usually set up down in the basement, and I've got like the control booth and everything upstairs, you know, where the dining room used to be (laughs)

I: Right
W: And there's a couple like smaller studios around the house, like in the family room there's like a four track and a drum machine, some other stuff set up, and a TV (laughs) so I mean, you know…I've got a different, a reel-to-reel four track set up upstairs which is a room with nothing in it…it sounds good enough so I kind of write songs up there

I: I was wondering if it was like, drums in the basement, the bassist in the bedroom, the guitarist…
W: It's pretty much everything's down in the basement. If it's warm out and you're going for a certain sound you record everything in the garage, but it's been kind of cold.

I: Well yeah
W: Yeah…and you can't really do stuff at night.

I: Do you ever record just outside, just people set things up outside?
W: I have like a few years ago and it just doesn't, really…

I: It doesn't work?
W: You know recording in the garage you still get like birds and cars driving by and stuff like that, so that's a good mix. But just outside it was kind of, kind of stupid. I tried to record while it was raining, and I thought "This will be good, this will sound good" (laughs) and it was, just kind of, didn't work.

I: One of those ideas that seem better
W: Yeah, you know, notice, we haven't released anything that has said "Recorded outdoors during a rainstorm blahblahblah"

I: Right.
W: (laughs) Take note.

I: Yeah
W: We, uh, decided to save that one.

I: Yeah. I guess I'll avoid that in the future.
W: Maybe you can do it, I'm not saying

I: No…

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