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I: In another interview I read (Warren snickers) it said your house …you know… it had, like, a "noise camp" sign out front. I was wondering, that if since that came out, you'd like taken it off, or like…
W: We've been doing, we did a couple shows called Noise Camp. You see, Davin would, he's like a camp counselor for kids, and he'd record them … at camp and take it home and add noise, so it'd be like noise camp. (all laugh). we put out you know just like two tapes of that, and we did a show, Noise Camp, we ended up doing it like four or five times where, you know, we'd basically set up a tent, like a tent, in a club and like cook…start a little fire, we have like hot dogs, vegan hot dogs, and marshmallows, which aren't vegan, and, uh, um, you know whatever…we'd sing songs, you can't hear 'cause there's all this super loud noise blasting out, and, um, then we'd tear down the tent and, you know, go home and …well we Davin made the supercoolest Noise Camp sign it's like, you know, a couple chunks of wood, and it says "Noise Camp" and it goes down into the - thing …and we keep it in front of the house…nobody says anything, nobody really quite understands

I: They just kind of leave you alone?
W: It's more like they don't even think about it, you know, all the neighbors, you know, as far-I've lived in the same house for twenty-seven years and, you know, all the neighbors around there have been around for awhile, and they…pretty much get used to the goings on…the late night recording sessions and stuff like that…strange people coming at night

I: You said vegan, is that because are you vegan or a vegetarian or-
W: No just more animal friendly, if you're giving free food out in public, just it's a little more friendly if it's vegan, I think

I: Well, I don't want to keep you, I don't know…I'd ask you about your side projects but…
W: There's a band I play in called Princess Dragon Mom, which is really harsh electronic noise…no music, no-it's not like noisy music, it's not like noisy dance music, it's just, you know, noise

I: Just flat out noise
W: Yeah, harsh electronic noise…when we do a show…we try to do something a little more interesting. So we did a show on, like, the day before Halloween, or two days before Halloween, um…The Haunted Tube (laughs).

I: The what? haunted…
W: Haunted Tube. And basically what it was, is we constructed a tube out of refrigerator boxes and people would crawl through them, and it was like, probably, you know, thirty or forty refrigerator-like boxes and you'd crawl through it and there's all this really loud electronic noise, I actually play the electronic gourd, it's just really harsh, um…there was a, um, I'm not sure how to explain it, but, um, it was like a wall we built that was about this size here, this wall here (indicates the wall in front of us, about 9 feet tall and 40 feet long), so you couldn't really see what was behind it, and you had to crawl through a little opening (laughs), and the whole thing you had to crawl through, and there's like a fog machine and all that. At different stations, there's like different things in the tube, like there was strobe lights, and there's a part where there's all like these rubber spiders hanging right at like eye level so you get hit in the eye, and then there's a part where you had to crawl over all these eggs and then they got like eggs all over themselves and then there's a part where we had some openings in it and we'd hit people with sticks as they're going in (all laugh). You go in there, and it was so scary because it was pitch black, and there's all these strange things going on and there's all this noise and there's people hitting you with sticks and then you (laughing) get out of the tube, and what we did, we had it go into the dressing room, and like most people in the club had never been in the dressing room, so you get out of the tube and you're inside this room and you're like "what's going on?". And then there's a guy in a robot suit, like 8 feet tall, he's just standing there and you just think it's like a robot thing, just standing there…then he starts coming at you, he runs at you, and there's just like this one strobe light and you're totally disorientated and what you don't realize is that there's steps right there (all laugh) so whoever goes in there falls down the steps (all laughing) and then there's a nurse, like the zombie nurse, comes out, she's like a dead nurse, with a giant hypodermic needle, and she comes out, she helps you out. If you make it out, a guy gives you a bracelet that says "Princess Dragon Mom". (all laugh)

(Chad, bassist for His Name Is Alive, is standing to one side, looking at Warren with a puzzled face)

W: The Haunted Tube!
Chad: oh, the Haunted Tube, yeah.
W: And we had a band called Aces High open up, which is an all-Ace Frehley tribute band, they all (laughs) dress like Ace Frehley, they only do Ace Frehley songs.

Chad: Who's in that band?
W: Chad, from His Name Is Alive

I: ah, (warren laughs) the tie-in… I mean, Ace (referring to Chad)
Chad: "Space Ace," as they call him.

I: Is it hard to find a club that would agree to that?
W: No

I: Or is this not in a club?
W: See, no this is at a club, we've been doing a lot of shows, all kinds of crazy stuff for awhile now, and there's a couple different places where we could just go, you know, "We're going to blow the place up," and they'd be like "yeah ok, that's cool." You know, there's a pretty good scene happening in Michigan right now, you know, we've done all kinds of really, really big shows. We've actually put on some shows, you know the band Zeni Geva?

I: Yeah
W: They came to town, we put on the show, you know…so we've got a pretty good thing going right now. And every show we think "This is it, this is going to wreck it, they're never going to let us back," and so far so good.

I: Good.
W: Nobody ever asks about this stuff, it's like "what do your lyrics mean?" and I'm like "well, various things." This is the good stuff.

I: Well, I'm surprised, ok. I didn't want to, like…I was afraid, I thought everybody would ask about the other stuff, because it's all so different.
W: No, they're just like "I don't even know what that means," so like why do I bother, nobody cares.

I: My goal, actually, is to find some of that stuff.
W: We've been selling tapes on the road, but we don't have any left…and we've been giving out Time Stereo catalogs, and we might not have any left.

I: Ok

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