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W: I've heard that you've grown up in, or I've read, not heard, it's not like people you know (Warren laffs) walk around talking to people, you know "hey"
W: People talk

I: Ok, I've read, that you're based in Livonia, Michigan, which I'm guessing is a small town
W: Pretty suburban

I: Suburban, suburban like
W: It's six by six square miles

I: Old suburban?
W: The houses are all exactly the same

I: Tract houses
W: They're all right next to each other, and you know it's like upper middle class, you know blah blah blah

I: So, growing up, what would be bigger influences, would you say music's a big influence or just the boredom of living in a small town
W: You had the boredom thing going, and really that just made you try to find things that were interesting or you just turn boring

I: What bands sort of influence you, what bands do you find interesting?
W: Um, since, like on this tour, we've been listening to, like…we've been listening to ZZ Top (both laugh)

I: Any particular ZZ Top?
W: Mainly some of their older records, like 1971, 1972, the really heavy blues rock that early, that's been, and we've been listening to Jimi Hendrix. One of the tapes we have coming out on Time Stereo is Jimi Hendrix spoken word.

I: Yeah?
W: And it's just (laughs) from like all the live albums, and the bootlegs, and like the documentaries and stuff, it's just little clips of things that he had to say, in-between songs and stuff and it's, it's

(both laugh)

I: The Amish Life thing, in the book that you mentioned, were these pictures of Amish people, or are they like drawings, like interpretive Amish art
W: I would draw Amish people, and but see I can't really drawn, Davin, he's pretty good, you know, if you need like you know a bear, or something he can just whip it out like that. uh, I'm not so good, so what I would do is like I'd take a famous painting or an album cover and just turn it into Amish people working in the field, or (both laugh) selling bread or (both laugh) (a lot)

I: That sounds like, you could have a real big impact (more laughing)
W: But since then, that was done as kind of a joke and since then I've gotten really into Amish culture, and read a lot of books, and there's an Amish community about three hours from my house and I've gone there a couple times and (laughs) just visited, me and Davin, like, hit on Amish girls (both laugh) and just (laughs)

I: Do you two try to start fights, like Witness?
W: No, no, we're trying to like get in, you know, we want in

I: Ah
W: And…you know, one time we went to this, you know, there's like an Amish store, and we tried to buy Amish hats, right? (laughs) and (laughs) we're looking at them, going, and we're trying them on and the Amish salesperson comes over and, you know communication's always a little funny, he goes "I'm sorry the hats you'd be interested in are over here" and he like totally pushes us over towards the cowboy hats (all laugh) it was like, ok we get the hint…we're not trying to cause any trouble

I: Like "Amish Only," kind of
W: We ate at a segregated restaurant, and all the fancy people over here, and all the Amish over there. Since then I've gotten into that whole country kitchen style you know my, I've been decorating my house country, you know…

I: Country kitchen the style or Country Kitchen like…the restaurant chain
W: I didn't know there was a chain called Country Kitchen

I: Oh, there is…
W: See every suburban housewife decorates their kitchen and even the bedroom with, you know, fake country stuff

I: Yeah
W: I'm really into that right now

I: Really?
W: It's like…stencil letters, you know, hex signs from barns

I: Yeah
W: You know

I: Does that go well with all the equipment in the house?
W: Yeah it's kind of, uh, mixed (all laugh)

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