warren defever 12/96 h.n.i.a

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I: Do you like Ultra Man at all?
W: Um, me and Davin, put out a book. It was a split book. His half was the Ultra Man coloring book. My half is Scenes from Amish Life, and uh (both laugh) and you know how, like, I don't know about your house, but my house we've got a fireplace, over the fireplace you have a mantle?

I: Right
W: Well, our mantle is completely covered with Ultra Man paraphernalia (both laugh) and we call it "The UltraMantle" (both laugh), but yeah, something. . . (amused) why?

I: Why?
W: How'd this come up?

I: How'd this come up? because
W: Because you just thought that maybe we were into Ultra Man (laughs)

I: No, because in my extensive research as a, you know, aspiring rock, uh, rock journalist, uh, no I, read an interview in Raygun and there was
W: Oh right

I: And the picture was all the UltraMen
W: That's from the, that's just a small section of

I: A little picture of you
W: Yeah, yeah, Davin took that picture too, actually

I: Yeah
W: See that's the other thing, like, you know we did Mouth by Mouth, Home is in your Head, time to do photos, right? We make a special trip to New York, spend, you know, a whole afternoon with a fancy New York photographer and it costs, you know, twenty-five hundred dollars…it's no fun

I: No
W: It's not, it's not fun at all, that's like, it sucks. So like 4AD is like "you guys have to do some pictures," we're like "ok, no problem." So me and Davin just, you know, took pictures of each other for like two days and then cut them out, colored them in, because they wanted color and black and white too, so we just took the black and white ones and colored in the black and white ones with color, you know, and just sorta screwed around

I: Is this for the album or just for promo
W: Well, it, they ended up wanting to use some on the album too so-

I: Like the e.s.p. one?
W: Yeah (both laugh)

I: Yeah
W: That was, we'd taken a whole role of film and I was going "Davin I can't take it anymore" and he goes "come on out into the garage" we go to the garage, he knocks me over, I fall on the ground he goes "snap," and I'm like "oh" (both laugh) yup.

I: He runs, you two run the Time Stereo label?
W: Mostly him, I just kind of help out

I: Yeah? ok.
W: I try to wreck stuff (laughs)

I: They put out some of your more obscure stuff on there?
W: Yeah

I: Experimental?

W: The good stuff

I: Yeah?
W: No (both laff)

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