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I: You're friends with the Red House Painters, is that why you're on this tour?
W: We've done shows with them before, you know, a couple years ago, whatever, and we always got along. Mark helped write one of the songs on the album, he's come over and sang some stuff for me before, and um, we've always talked about it and just timing-wise it was never quite right…and we both put out albums recently, um, it just seemed like the time to, the time to go

I: Do you like touring a lot? Or just, every once in awhile and then you've had it?
W: Before it was a little different. You know, it was more just about recording. And then when we did tour, we did, I think, some of the stuff we did, we did wrong.

I: How so?
W: We had, like, a fancy booking agent in Los Angeles, who was booking us in places and shows that maybe really weren't what we were looking for, didn't really have the friendly vibe. And we were always playing with really horrifying heavy metal bands, just playing the stupidest clubs and it was, like, the most depressing thing ever…and, you know, we would do shows and it just turned into like "well how much money are we gonna get for the show?" and like "why're we doing it?" and it sucked, it was just a bad scene, and uh, what we did over the past (to friend) HEY!

Acquaintance of Warren's: is this a real interview?
W: Yeah

I: Sort of real
W: Over the past two years more (to second friend) HEY

(talks with different friend)
W: We started doing shows around Michigan that were just like at coffee houses or there'd be like three bands we were friends with playing and we would, we would play unannounced and stuff like that, where it was more like a friendly thing, or we'd do like a benefit, stuff like that, then we did a whole tour over the summer that was just, you know, we were headlining and we had friends, or bands we knew, open up for us and we really liked. We played at smaller kinds of places, friendly places, places that we picked not, you know…fancy, L.A., Hollywood record industry types, and it turned out really good, it was like the best thing ever, and we had like six of us with us and for awhile we had the band Godzuki, was actually on tour with us, so there's like me and ten of my friends were on tour and it was like the best time ever, and we'd have a guy in a whale suit come out and bust the place up, and just the whole thing was totally fun, and great. So since then, we've been trying to, just, you know, we kinda, we know what we want to do playing wise so we try to concentrate on that.

I: You recorded Godzuki too, didn't you?
W: Some of their stuff

I: You did an album for them?
W: And Erika, the singer for Godzuki, helped write two of the songs on the album.

I: Which two?
W: It's a secret

I: It's a secret?
W: Same thing for the one Mark wrote

I: Yeah
W: If you're a big Godzuki fan, you can figure it out; if you're a big Red House Painters fan, you can figure it out

I: Got like, a secret decoder ring
W: Yeah, if you know the code

I: Line them up
W: Crack the code

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