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I: About the song "This World is Not My Home," what's sort of special. . .I mean, do you have some sort of attachment to it, I mean (Warren laughs) I've noticed it's, you know, four times on the album, and then it's on the single, and then I have an ESP Family 7" that, you do it on there…
W: Basically, um, we've been working on Stars on E.S.P. for three years, ok? and that was the first song that we finished. So whenever you really felt like recording, you'd try and do something, if you didn't really have a new song you just kind of played that one. So over time you, we accumulated a few different versions. . .and I thought they were different enough. . .that maybe people wouldn't notice…

I: Right
W: …you know, and people. . .have noticed, it's the same song. But to me it's just like, you know, different song, different mood. . .different vibe each time

I: I think it's effective, because on the album it's sort of, kind of this recurring theme
W: Right

I: Or how the parts of the songs keep turning up in the other parts of the songs
W: Right. it's kind of a problem, yeah.

I: Well at first you don't actually notice that's the thing, it just sort of. . . happens.
W: Yeah

I: I don't know
W: I talked to a guy today, in an interview, he wanted to know. . .he talked about Stars on E.S.P. like it's a concept album, and he had all kinds of questions, and I was like "I don't know what you're talking about," we're just writing these stupid songs, putting them in order. . .and, you know, if you're hearing a concept, that's your problem (laughs)

I: You're very laid back in terms of recording?
W: Yeah it's. . .you know, I'm not really sure how much we're putting into it, you know, conceptually, how much, you know

I: I heard, I read, that you had like, hundreds of songs and just sort of. .
W: There's a lot, I mean, not really hundreds. . .

I: Well, you know…
W: …because, we record at home, so you can just kind of record whatever you want to and, you know, some songs are finished, some songs aren't, you just got to, whatever, you know, and (laughs)

I: Right. I read somewhere too about ESP Family that you record everything on a vintage, a wire recorder
W: Yeah

I: What's…
W: Yeah. there's. . . ESP Family, that's one of our things, ESP Family recording it, we just kind of had, it was kind of like a party and we recorded all these folk songs about unions, coal mining, life in the '40's, Communists, and all this stuff, right? And um, we covered this His Name Is Alive song, "This World Is Not My Home," but it hadn't come out yet by His Name Is Alive so that was, that was stupid. But, uh, we record everything on a wire recorder, which is from the Thirties, and it records on spools of wire, instead of spools of tape…and…I couldn't tell you how it works

I: Right
W: It's got kind of an old-time sound

I: Well yeah, I thought it was just some sort of studio trickery that got that sound, not…
W: It's kind of an old-time band

I: Yeah
W: Yeah…and it, the last version of "This World Is Not My Home," called "Last One," was actually a gospel choir singing over the ESP Family 45, and when it came out, I was like, you know, "this sounds pretty cool what if we blah blah blah blah blah" (both laugh)

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