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A Little Q&A About: Triskaidekaphobia

Q01: What does triskaidekaphobia mean?
A01: Triskaidekaphobia has been advised by its lawyers to ignore that question.

Q02: Why triskaidekaphobia?
A02: It is the will of the gods.

Q03: Really?
A03: Ask them.

Q04: How do the sections work?
A04: It goes like this: sections 1-4 change very infrequently, sections 5-8 change semi-frequently and sections 9-13 change fairly frequently (with the exception of this section and the contact section). If you're looking for the freshest content, check the bottom row.

Q05: Who runs this site?
A05: Triskaidekaphobia has an excellent staff of web and content professionals who are responsible for maintaining the site.

Q06: This site looks wrong in my browser?
A06: Triskaidekaphobia is (mostly) coded in all CSS/XHTML, and also tries to meet the W3C recommendations for Web Accessibility Guidelines. This isn't supported well by older browsers. If something looks wrong in a new browser, Triskaidekaphobia is probably working on it.

Q07: Will you explain this more in the future, and could you give me a link to it now?
A07: Yes. No.

Q08: Why do all the sections look different?
A08: Oh please.

Q09: What is the purpose of this site?
A09: This is the purpose.

Q10: A line of useless questions?
A10: A dialogue that profuses no real answers.

Q11: Aha, so it is by offering this dialogue that .. um...?
A11: That you offer a dialogue that delivers a degree of uncertainty.

Q12: A sensible presentation of that which makes no sense?
A12: A mirror of that which occupies the other half of existence.

Q13: Isn't this supposed to be a mockery of nonsense?
A13: A championing of it.

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